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About Trivia Nation

My name is Steve Howard and I own Trivia Nation. Our goal is to bring people together to have fun! We do that more than 120 times a week in country clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs and at corporate/team building events.

Our players (teams) are fun people who are cognizant of the fact that they are there to play a fun trivia game and to eat, drink and tip well. We appreciate them. Our clients are established business people who understand quality and ROI. To make sure we deliver that ROI, we put in the time to recruit the right management team and hosts and spend the money and time to train them properly.

Our players are the backbone of our business and success. We get to work with such great restaurant/bars because of the excellent guests that we attract. Our hosts stay with us for years and years. Our client churn is one of the lowest in the industry. (Even though restaurants and bars have such a high failure rate, it’s rare we have a client close their doors.) In order for these live trivia nights to be successful, keep good hosts and attract good players, we need to work in the right places.

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