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Bars & Restaurants: 5 Fun Games to Bring In Customers on Slow Nights

May 15, 2019

Looking to make your bar or restaurant a go-to spot on the regular? Lure in the customers on slow nights with some friendly competition that’ll keep them coming back for more. By creating a friendly atmosphere with weekly restaurant and bar game nights, you can create camaraderie amongst your customers, and suddenly your game nights develop into so much more. This friendly and upbeat culture turns everyone’s “regular Tuesday night” into “thriving Tuesday nights” at your location!

1. Drinking Games

Liven things up by putting together a fan favorite for competition — a Beer Pong or Flip Cup tournament, with prizes! Host a tournament once a week (on a slow night), or have an ongoing tournament that culminates in a major championship at the end of every month.

2. Live Trivia

What better way to amp up the vibe on a slow night than with some lively, well organized trivia. Trivia Nation shows are very interactive, involve cash prizes, and frequent theme nights that get customers excited and ready to eat, drink, and show off their trivia skills with friends and family.

3. Cornhole Championship

This is an excellent option if you have an outdoor area and if you are lucky enough to be in a location with warm weather. What better way to spend happy hour than with a drink in one hand and a cornhole bean bag in the other — may the best player win!

4. Darts

Darts are an easy and fun way to amp up the vibes at your location. Make it more enticing by awarding prizes on certain nights of the week (such as a free appetizer if you hit the bullseye 3 times within one minute!). Get creative with the prizes, or even relabel the targets with “prizes” instead of points.

5. Invest in Table Games

Table games are a tried and true way of bringing in customers who are looking for more than just a sit-down dining experience. Installing table games such as air hockey, foosball, ping pong, or pool can often bring in customers who are looking for an engaging and fun night with friends.