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What our hosts had to say about “That Guy”..

May 10, 2016

We surveyed all of our 75+ hosts to see what was the most irritating part about hosting our events. These were the results, what do YOU think??

Steven: “Song requests that no one has heard of. Me: This song isn’t going to suck, is it? Player: No, this song is SOOO awesome! Then, guess what? It’s the worst song ever.”

Kassandra: “Complaining that the questions are too hard every week. And the people who complain that the questions are too easy. Basically anyone who complains about the questions ALL the time. LOL. How about when servers blatantly look up answers and then tell their teams.”

Bailey: “When my teams send me shots of Tully, secretively, that just randomly appear… JUST KIDDING, I love it! Cheers!”

Ashley: “Turns in an answer then pulls out a phone to google it and not understanding why it matters because they “already turned it in!” Tries to ask me a question WHILE I’m on the mic or asks me to repeat the question for a fourth time because they weren’t paying attention.”

John: “Reaching in the box for supplies right when I just sat it down.”

Craig: “Getting overexcited and in my face with their phone after I read the answer that they incorrectly answered and showing me a Wiki entry or some random non authoritative site.”

Lee: “Contesting their scores after half time when I’m reading the first question of the second half. Or, how about ridiculously folded up answers?”

Bailey: “When my teams send me shots of Tully, secretively, that just randomly appear… JUST KIDDING, I love it! Cheers!”

Heather: “Hmm drunk guys shouting the answer out after I said “please don’t call out the answer”. Asking me if their answer is right every time they turn it in looking for my approval.
Asking to change their answer after they have turned in their “wrong answer”.. like No lol.. Trying to look at the computer to see where they are but acting like they aren’t. LOL.”

Jillian: “Def the shouting out the answers! Soooo annoying! I have one team that every time someone has a higher score than them, they yell out Cheater!!!”

Grace: “Every single time they turn in their answer, they stare at me until I tell them the right answer, even though I’m about to announce it over the mic. Sometimes bartenders help and other teams notice… 🙄”

Sam: “Asking if it is right as they turn it in!”

Lora: “When they lean over and ask another table for answers or the servers.”

Devon: “Complaints about the winning team cheating… When they clearly are not cheating…”

Cody: “The team who puts ‘5’ on every answer no matter how many times you explain the point wagering system, even when ‘5’ isn’t an option in Rounds 4, 5, & 6.”

Bradley: “People calling out the answer right before you provide the correct answer. Then when they disagree they are shouting that my answer is wrong..Until a google search proves it right, lol.”

Amy: “Looking up the dang answer the second the team they turn theirs in, or standing and staring at me as they bring up answers to try to get it before it’s announced on the mic!!!”

Ally: “Complaints about point discrepancies, even though they’re wrong and we’re right. Be right if you’re gonna whine about it!”

Nikki: “Offering to get paid to stop the show by patrons trying to get shit faced who are not playing. Or the overtly drunk players who cause scenes, yelling out answers or asking as they turn the answer in if it is right….”

Jeremy: “Your question/answer is wrong and here’s an itemized list why…..”

Matthew: “Complaining about the music, but, never having any suggestions or requests.”

Ryan: “My personal favorite… patrons bitching about the music and not even playing trivia! Got to love it.”

Brad: “Being convinced that teams are cheating even as the answers that they “looked up” are turned in with incorrect answers.”

Kristen: “Players who get too drunk and then stop listening to the questions..”

Tim: “Makes their team name something you really can’t say out loud.”

Bryan: “Using the highest point value every time..”

Marcus: “Requesting songs that take forever to find and then they end up being explicit.”

These are just a few of the things that we love about our players…