Raving Fans

Raving Fans

Here are some testimonials from our current clients. If you are interested in hiring us, before you call us and we tell you how great we are, why don’t you call 2 or 3 of these current clients? In fact, we will give you $50 off of our service for each client of ours that you do a reference check with (up to 3…so total of $150 off.) After this, we know you will be very invested and will know fully what to expect when dealing with us. Also, if you speak to an unhappy client and you tell us about it, I’ll personally send you $500!
Steve Howard | Owner

TriviaNation_tagline_outerglow“Our partnership with Trivia Nation has been a great success. We have 60-100 players at each of our locations every week at a high guest average, and we are talking about a Monday (we use them at all four of our locations on Monday nights.) We have used them for years, our staff loves trivia night, Steve is easy to work with, we highly recommend them and wish him success.”
Mellow Mushroom| All Jacksonville Venues | Jacksonville, FL
(904) 338-1144

“Trivia Nation management and hosts bring a higher level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and fun to their clients and players.  We replaced our other “live trivia guy” with Trivia Nation and our staff was pleased, our guests were happier, and we saw new guests and increased sales.  We liked their 80s90s2000s game on Tuesdays so much that we hired them to do Celebrity trivia night on Wednesdays.  Both nights have been successful.  We also put them at our other location that we managed and it worked really well there.  Interestingly in this business, they had zero host turnover so we had the same hosts for over a year, which we appreciated.  I common-header-logorecommend them to anyone trying to increase sales and have more fun at their restaurant/bar.”
World of Beer | Orlando, FL
(407) 270-5541

“Since using Trivia Nation we can attribute $2,000 of increased sales on a Thursday night to their services.”
Eddie’s Bar & Grill | Dunedin, FL
(727) 734-2300

Clear Sky “I have enjoyed working with Trivia Nation and witnessing the exciting, competitive and lively atmosphere they help us to create on Monday nights! We look forward to continuing our partnership with Trivia Nation and would recommend them to anyone looking to add a fun evening of trivia to their establishment.”
Clear Sky Draught Haus | Dunedin, FL
(727) 286-6266

Clear Sky “First off, we were very pleased with Trivia Nation and enjoyed working with them!. We hired them to do a corporate event for us and it couldn’t have gone any better! It was the perfect activity for a corporate event and allowed everyone the chance to get involved! We would suggest them for any company looking for an entertainment/group activity for their event!”
Tom’s of Maine | Kennebunk, ME
(904) 807-9541

Clear Sky“I used Trivia Nation for an event for our younger members of the society, and they absolutely loved it! They were organized and kept things interesting. I definitely plan to use them for future events.”
Duval County Medical Society | Jacksonville, FL
(904) 355-6561


Clear Sky“Over the last 8 years, our Thursday nights (Trivia Nation nights) have been our most consistently busy night, including weekends. Not to mention, I don’t remember a single cancellation on their part! We have been so pleased with their service and professionalism. Their hosts do a great job, and they are very reliable as well.”
Bogey Grill | Ponte Vedra, FL
(904) 285-5524


Clear Sky “We started trivia about a year ago with a host referred to us by a colleague. Although the host was pleasant, he was lacking the charisma necessary to keep the players entertained and engaged. The events seemed a bit unorganized, lacking structure and flow. We eventually realized we could not grow our business to its full potential. A few guests recommend we consider Trivia Nation. We had heard the name, but, weren’t too familiar with the brand. After somewhat effortless research (Trivia Nation seemed omnipresent), we decided to partner with them on our Monday Trivia night. It has been nine months now, and we have been nothing less than thrilled with Trivia Nation’s service. The camaraderie between our “regulars” is exciting to witness. The weekly teams seem to have a special chemistry with the others teams that longtime friends possess. Finally, our host, Eric, delivers the questions and “commentary” with the right blend of witty sarcasm that makes us all smile. Oh, and did I forget to mention our sales are up 30%-35%? We average 60-80 players weekly, mostly the 25-55 demographic. Monday is now definitely my favorite night to work. I highly recommend Trivia Nation to any other restaurant or bar owner desiring to grow his or her business by increasing weekly revenue on an “off” night, while creating an energetic fun, yet professional atmosphere.”
Whiskey Jax | Jacksonville, FL
(904) 634-7208

Clear Sky“We at Serenata Beach Club have used Trivia Nation’s services for nearly 2 years and it has been a tremendous success! We used to run our own “trivia night” for our Membership. When we reached out to Trivia Nation we felt it was a much better fit to hire them based on their professional program and reasonable pricing. It was truly one of the best changes we have ever made. Our attendance at trivia on Tuesdays has gone from an average of 50 people to between 100-150 people a night. It is great to hear the Members bragging about winning or how much they enjoyed themselves and then bringing friends with them the following week to show them how much fun it is. Our sales are up and the Members love it. The Trivia Nation team has been great to work with. This really makes our jobs easier and our Tuesday business is one of the most consistent days of the week. We look forward to more years of fun with Trivia Nation.”
Serenata Beach Club | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
(904) 823-3368


Clear Sky“Trivia Nation is absolutely wonderful! We always have a blast on Thursday nights with the awesome Trivia hostess! They are friendly and provide awesome customer service including social media, marketing, a detail-oriented management team and so much more! Thank you for being such a wonderful company to work with!”
Yard of Ale | St. Petersburg, FL
(727) 822-2027


Clear Sky“We hired Trivia Nation two years ago after doing our research on the other clients that they were working with. We have been very pleased with the results! Our staff is happy and so are our guests! (And we have new guests…) Our Thursday Trivia Nation night is a really consistently strong night now, and we can attribute over $1000 in new sales due to us hiring Trivia Nation. Their management team IS concerned about our business. They are nice people to work with and they have definitely delivered what they promised.”
Broken Barrel | Palm Bay, FL
(321) 728-4755

Clear Sky“We’ve worked with Trivia Nation for 6 months and they have really helped turn a slow night into a consistently busy night. Our guests and staff love it. They have done what they promised. Very professional.”
Sea Dog Brewery | Clearwater, FL
(727) 466-4916

Clear Sky“We have used Trivia Nation’s service on Wednesday nights now for over four years. We were a bit skeptical because so many other service providers didn’t seem to be the right fit. Trivia Nation listens to the concerns of the client and works hard to ensure success. We would recommend them to other pubs that want to increase sales on a slower night.”
Fiddler’s Green | Winter Park, FL
(407) 645-2050

Clear Sky“Trivia Nation has made themselves part of our family over the years. They consistently help to make our store busy, with 50-100 players depending on the night. Excellent ROI. They might charge a bit more but in my experience, it has been well worth it and has helped my business to grow.”
Dick’s Wings | Jacksonville, FL
(904) 223-0115

Clear Sky“It took us about a year before we tried using Trivia Nation. We have been very pleased with our ROI on Tuesdays and we now use them two nights a week. They do what they promise and they care for their customers. They are NOT full of hot air. Our place is busy when they are here.”
Harp and Celt | Downtown Orlando, FL
(407) 481-2928

Clear Sky“We have worked with Trivia Nation for over 4 years at Gainesville Ale House. We consistently average 75-150 players, depending on the time of year. Our Tuesdays are very strong because of this promotion. We have never had any negative issues that I can remember and our service staff and guests really enjoy our Trivia Nation Tuesdays. I recommend them to other Ale Houses and similar restaurants that want to increase sales and have a really fun night!”
Ale House | Gainesville, FL
(352) 258-4056

rogue “We have used Trivia Nation for about a year. We used to use a local company that didn’t seem to care about whether it was busy or not. We let them go and are very pleased with our service with Trivia Nation.  We average 12-18 teams (40-75 players) depending on the time of the year.  They DO CARE about our success and we love our trivia hostess. I highly recommend them!”
Rogue Pub | Orlando, FL
(407) 985-3778

Bento Testimonial“We attribute $1500-$2000 nightly sales increases because of Trivia Nation. We have had the same great host for 3+ yrs and they are like family. We highly recommend them. Their customer service to us and to the guests is top notch.
Bento Red | Jacksonville, FL
(904) 503-3238

Iron Oak Post Testimonial“We hired Trivia Nation 5 months ago and nearly immediately we saw tremendous positive results.  On what was a slower Wednesday, we now have 40-60 guests come in specifically for this Trivia Nation promotion, helping us to see a much more profitable and fun night. And, we are busier on other nights. They have brought in the right type of guests that are fun and spend money!”

Iron Oak Post | Melbourne, FL

Crooked Can Testimonal“Couldn’t be happier!”
Crooked Can | Orlando, FL
(407) 395-9520

“We average over $1500 more per evening over the last year on Wednesday nights since we have hired Trivia Nation. Our trivia night is huge and our customers love it. I recommend Trivia Nation’s services to family/sports restaurants.”
Gators Dockside | Gainesville, FL
(352) 494-7662Clear Sky