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Star Wars Themed Live Trivia Night!

Virtual Trivia via Zoom

Turn your Star Wars knowledge into cash!

Star Wars Trivia! A live, real time competition. Winners get AMEX gift cards, restaurant gift cards and more! These are FUN and because of the speed aspect of answering, it eliminates cheating and rewards the best players. So grab your wands and get ready to play!

Q: How will it work?

A: We’re going to run a game through Zoom, along with an interactive webpage to ask questions and record your answers. You may need two screens to play – a laptop or tablet to run the Zoom meeting, and your phone to answer the questions. (We have done it on just our phone and it worked fine, from zoom to the webpage.)

Q: How will you stop cheating? I can just google everything!

A: You’re right. You can. But don’t. It’s lame. AND there is a timing factor for all answers – the faster you answer, the more points you get! Plus, you’ll only have 20 seconds to answer, so there shouldn’t be enough time to google.

Q: How do the prizes work?

A: Prizes will be on a sliding scale based on how many people play!

0-100 People: $100 in Prizes in Gift Cards and/or Theme Merch

101-150 People: $150 in Prizes in Gift Cards and/or Theme Merch

151-200 People: $200 in Prizes in Gift Cards and/or Theme Merch

201+ People: $250 in Prizes in Gift Cards and/or Theme Merch

Q: How do tickets work?

A: One ticket per household. If you and your roommate/family member/significant other are in the same room, you can play on the same entry – but you have to be in the same place! Friends playing from different locations will each need their own entry.

Q: How can I join???

A: Once you purchase a ticket, you’ll be emailed a registration link to sign up. Your registration MUST match the email you used to buy tickets, or it will be canceled. Tix are $6.99 per household.

Q: My kids want to play. Can they?

A: Of course! The more the merrier! But, to let you know, our Theme Trivia Events are, well, pretty difficult. The first few questions should be relatively easy and then we start to crush people’s spirits pretty quickly in the second half of the game. Also, we cannot control what people do on zoom meetings so there’s that.


$100s in prizes in cash and prizes!
First Prize:
Second Prize:
Third Prize:

Date/Time: 05/14/2020 at 8:00 PM


Star Wars Themed Live Trivia Night at Virtual Trivia via Zoom
Virtual Trivia via Zoom
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