Why Trivia Nation?

Why Trivia Nation?

Our shows attract more people! More players = More fun! 90% of “Live Trivia Nights” have less than 25 players. 90% of our nights have more than 25 players.

That being said, our clients give away big prizes (usually at least $100 in gift certificates each night to the top 3-4 teams).

Most other trivia nights are hosted in low volume venues. We work in popular locations with good food/drink and service/management that you will like!

Often with other non-Trivia Nation venues, there is a revolving door of trivia hosts. Our hosts usually stay at the same location for years.

We actually have fun, educated, cool people seek out our games. Our shows are very interactive, so they are also a great place to meet your future spouse or to take your family.brain-so-cute

Also our games start and end on time. If you are a veteran of live trivia nights, you know that this can be pretty rare.

Last but not least, we also really care about service. If you get bad service from our clients or our hosts, you can email me directly at steve@trivianation.com. You can know that I will handle it.

Our first core value at Trivia Nation is FUN. We never forget that. Come see for yourself! Bring a team and have a great time!