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5 Reasons Why Trivia Night is Perfect for Corporate Team Building

September 3, 2015

Corporate team building can be a real challenge for businesses big and small across the United States. Some companies certain do it better than others in terms of organizing team building activities, but it can be so hard to find something that everyone wants to do together. This is why so many companies are now starting to turn to the trivia nights that Trivia Nation puts on across Jacksonville and the rest of the state.

A Relaxed Setting

The setting of any corporate team building event is very important. When you have employees in a big conference room with suits on and you are asking them to take part in role playing team building exercises, things can get awkward really fast. You are not getting people in a relaxed setting where they can unwind and really get to know each other. A Jacksonville trivia night put on by Trivia Nation is going to create that relaxed setting by moving the corporate team building event to a restaurant or bar.

Quality Food and Drink

Quality food and drink is also very important as you need to give your employees the fuel necessary to really participate in the social event, which is what corporate team building is at its core. You are looking to get all of the employees to socialize and when you can feed them and give them a little liquid courage, you are going to be increasing you chances of getting some success out of the experience.

Getting People Working Together

The goal of any corporate team building event is and should be to get people working together. When everyone works together, you are going to find work gets done in a more efficient and effective fashion. Attending a trivia night with your team can help form this cohesiveness.

Making Everyone an Equal

Some people are afraid to participate fully in corporate team building because of the different levels. Managers may be unavailable or too busy during the day to partake. When everyone blocks their schedule to take part in a Jacksonville trivia night though, you are all there as equals. This can break down the walls of employees and management and get everyone working together.

Seeing People Outside of the Workplace

People simply act differently when you see them outside of the workplace. This is especially the case if you were to get people to partake in a Jacksonville trivia night. The more you can get your team outside of the conference rooms and cubicles during down, the more productive they’ll be while they’re in a work setting.
A Jacksonville trivia night is a great option for any corporate team building initiative. At Trivia Nation, we will be there to be sure everyone has a great time and leaves in a better state of mind to work together than they did prior.