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Our History

With a passion for entertainment and a mission to bring people together, we’ve expanded from our initial location in San Marco to over 220 live shows across 88 vibrant Florida cities. Dive into our history and discover how we’ve grown to be a beloved part of Florida’s nightlife.

Back in 2009, Steve and the team embarked on an audacious journey with a vision for Trivia Nation, and oh, how that vision has come to life!

Today, we’re lighting up the scene with fun 200+ weekly shows, across premier sports bars, restaurants, and distinguished country clubs all over Florida.

Our management team is dedicated to recruiting, training, and marketing these shows so that we are always able to provide a FUN and profitable experience for our partners and trivia players, ensuring their experience is nothing short of spectacular. And that’s not where the magic ends – our corporate and private events are unforgettable experiences, bursting with energy and excitement. At the heart of it all? Our unyielding passion to weave connections, spark joy, and celebrate the essence of FUN! Your enthusiasm and support fuel our journey, and we’re eternally grateful.

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Meet the Masters of Fun

Behind every great trivia night, there’s a dedicated team ensuring that the fun never stops. Meet the incredible individuals who make Trivia Nation the best in the business!

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Steve Howard

Steve embarked on the Trivia Nation journey to expand his social circle and enjoy a pint (or two). But he soon discovered his knack for rallying people together for an unforgettable evening. His vision? To crown Trivia Nation as America’s premier live restaurant/bar entertainment. And with almost all the pieces in place, we’re well on our way. As Steve says, “Let’s make fun happen!

Natalia Nunes Trivia Nation
Natalia Nuñes
Administrator Extraordinaire

The true backbone of Trivia Nation since 2016, Natalia is the one we all turn to. Her adaptive nature makes her an expert at managing the diverse personalities in our team and clientele. When things get hectic, Natalia is our steady anchor.

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Tony Cincotta
Personnel Director

A fusion of a stand-up comic’s wit and a logistics professional’s precision, Tony shines in his role. His key mission? To handpick and inspire hosts that bring our unique brand of fun to life. Tony’s superb communication skills had us captivated from day one!

Brandon Hettick
Business Development Manager

With a racquet in one hand and an MBA degree in the other, Brandon serves us a perfect game. He’s on the frontline, recruiting and training our hosts and showcasing Trivia Nation to prospective clients. Brandon’s commitment to excellence is palpable, making us wonder, “How did we get so lucky?”

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Could This Be You?

We’re always looking for fun and talented individuals to join our team of show hosts and entertainment industry pros. Contact us today about becoming a Trivia Nation host!


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