Your general idea and goal was probably to make a bar experience that was unique and attractive to guests in your area. You wanted your business to have a chance to succeed, a chance to grow. When you are a bar owner you are always looking for ways to make your establishment set itself apart from the rest in the area. One of the ways to do this is via what is known as a trivia night.

You may have heard about these trivia nights in the past.  We are not talking about your bartender reading off of a piece of paper and just throwing out questions to people though. We are talking about a trivia night experience. A professionally hosted event or events that take place at your bar where your guests can take part, play for prizes, be entertained, and genuinely have a tremendous time. Companies like Trivia Nation in the Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa areas have been paving the way with these professionally-run trivia nights for years now and continue to make their mark on the bar scene. Let’s take a look at why your bar needs to host a trivia night.

Become a Destination, Not a Drinking Hole

You want your bar to be a destination, not just a drinking hole. This means a place where people come to be lively, be entertained and have a great night out. These types of drinking hole establishments are not going to have the growth you are looking for. Trivia nights are going to work to make your bar a true destination. They’ll make your bar a place where nights are planned around, not the place people go after their night ends.

Give Your Guests a Little Variety

There are a million bars across the state of Florida, and the rest of the country in general. You want your guests to have some variety in their lives when they walk into your bar. This means giving them an experience that is different and stands apart from the rest. Trivia nights are going to deliver on this variety in a few different ways. They’ll make your bar an event, they’ll make your bar different and they’ll make it that much more attractive to visit.

Attract Larger Groups of Individuals

The more people that you get into your bar the more chance you are going to have to grow your business. On top of that, the length of time they stay in your bar is also going to matter in a big way to your bottom line. You want to attract large groups of individuals over extended periods of time to try and increase sales and your brand appeal as being a destination bar in Jacksonville, FL. Trivia nights are going to get groups to visit your bar together and when you have an event like trivia night going, they are going to be that much less likely to leave.

Make Your Bar Unique

Every bar should be able to stand on its own two feet for some unique reason. This could be due to the decor of the bar, the televisions that the bar has, the events it holds, and so on. It can be hard to make a name for yourself in the bar scene of in large cities like Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa. When you have a leg up on the competition though with professionally run events such as trivia night, you are going to be truly setting your bar apart from others in the area. Trivia night can make your bar stand out in a crowd and give people a reason to pick you over others in the area.

Trivia night is something that can really help you grow your bar and make it that much more successful. Professionally ran trivia night events in the Jacksonville, FL area, such as those organized and run by Trivia Nation, are going to help you as a bar owner attract groups of individuals to your establishment. They’ll have a reason to choose your bar and will stay there for extended periods of time to have a great night out and take part in some fun and entertaining trivia. Give your guests a reason to visit your bar over the competition with a trivia night.

When you are planning out a company outing, you have to think about so many different types of people, different personalities that are going to be there, and so on. All of these personalities and egos are going to be thrown together in one location and are going to be expected to get along in a social environment. This is far different than talking to each other in cubicles or offices. When you are planning a company outing, you need events that are going to bring people together and unite them over a common cause.

One of the best things that you can do for your company outing is to plan a trivia night event. These professional events, such as those run by Trivia Nation, are going to deliver an event at your company outing that is going to really accomplish several different things. The trivia night event is going to work to bring people together, help break the ice between professional peers, and give your company outing something to remember it by.

Bringing Professionals Together

We always hear about team building exercises and such in professional environments. Teams of professionals will go off-site for days at a time to try and work together in a variety of tasks. This is all with the goal of trying to build team-spirit and get people to work together for a common goal. A company outing may not seem like the perfect place for this type of team building exercise, but when you have the right event it really can work.

Trivia night is all about bringing people together in an entertaining environment. They can bring professionals together by allowing them to work towards figuring out questions, competing in a friendly and enjoyable environment, all while enjoying each other’s company. This is what trivia night is all about – fun, entertainment, and bringing people together.

Breaking the Ice at the Company Outing

It can be very difficult to break the ice at any company outing. People are very prone to talk about nothing more than work and that’s it. This can make the outing become very boring very quickly. You need to be able to branch out beyond the typical work environment and talk about things other than that. This allows people to build true relationships outside of the workplace. Trivia night is a great way to allow the ice to be broken to get people talking about something other than work.

When you have people working together at a company outing they are going to be working to try and figure out the trivia night questions. They’ll have to be quick on their feet and respond in ways that may not be the most professional. This allows the human side of people to come out, their true self, and this is where a company outing can really become a good time.

Make Your Employees Feel Comfortable

Comfort should be the ultimate goal of any company outing. The whole idea of planning and running the outing is to give your employees a day out of the office. It is a chance to say thank you to them for all of the hard work that they have put in and it is a chance for them to all spend some time together outside of work. You want your employees to feel comfortable so that they can get the most out of this experience as possible. With a trivia night event, it is not hard at all to allow your employees to gain this level of comfort. These events are fun, exciting and are going to allow people to take down their walls and have a comfortable and relaxing experience at the outing.

Trivia night truly is the perfect match for any company outing. A trivia night in the Jacksonville, FL area is going to allow you and your employees to kick back, relax, and take part in a fun and entertaining game that will bring people together. This will help with team building, help break the ice between employees, and allow them to be comfortable enough at the outing where they will truly remember it in a positive way.

We surveyed all of our 75+ hosts to see what was the most irritating part about hosting our events. These were the results, what do YOU think??

Steven: “Song requests that no one has heard of. Me: This song isn’t going to suck, is it? Player: No, this song is SOOO awesome! Then, guess what? It’s the worst song ever.”

Kassandra: “Complaining that the questions are too hard every week. And the people who complain that the questions are too easy. Basically anyone who complains about the questions ALL the time. LOL. How about when servers blatantly look up answers and then tell their teams.”

Bailey: “When my teams send me shots of Tully, secretively, that just randomly appear… JUST KIDDING, I love it! Cheers!”

Ashley: “Turns in an answer then pulls out a phone to google it and not understanding why it matters because they “already turned it in!” Tries to ask me a question WHILE I’m on the mic or asks me to repeat the question for a fourth time because they weren’t paying attention.”

John: “Reaching in the box for supplies right when I just sat it down.”

Craig: “Getting overexcited and in my face with their phone after I read the answer that they incorrectly answered and showing me a Wiki entry or some random non authoritative site.”

Lee: “Contesting their scores after half time when I’m reading the first question of the second half. Or, how about ridiculously folded up answers?”

Bailey: “When my teams send me shots of Tully, secretively, that just randomly appear… JUST KIDDING, I love it! Cheers!”

Heather: “Hmm drunk guys shouting the answer out after I said “please don’t call out the answer”. Asking me if their answer is right every time they turn it in looking for my approval.
Asking to change their answer after they have turned in their “wrong answer”.. like No lol.. Trying to look at the computer to see where they are but acting like they aren’t. LOL.”

Jillian: “Def the shouting out the answers! Soooo annoying! I have one team that every time someone has a higher score than them, they yell out Cheater!!!”

Grace: “Every single time they turn in their answer, they stare at me until I tell them the right answer, even though I’m about to announce it over the mic. Sometimes bartenders help and other teams notice… 🙄

Sam: “Asking if it is right as they turn it in!”

Lora: “When they lean over and ask another table for answers or the servers.”

Devon: “Complaints about the winning team cheating… When they clearly are not cheating…”

Cody: “The team who puts ‘5’ on every answer no matter how many times you explain the point wagering system, even when ‘5’ isn’t an option in Rounds 4, 5, & 6.”

Bradley: “People calling out the answer right before you provide the correct answer. Then when they disagree they are shouting that my answer is wrong..Until a google search proves it right, lol.”

Amy: “Looking up the dang answer the second the team they turn theirs in, or standing and staring at me as they bring up answers to try to get it before it’s announced on the mic!!!”

Ally: “Complaints about point discrepancies, even though they’re wrong and we’re right. Be right if you’re gonna whine about it!”

Nikki: “Offering to get paid to stop the show by patrons trying to get shit faced who are not playing. Or the overtly drunk players who cause scenes, yelling out answers or asking as they turn the answer in if it is right….”

Jeremy: “Your question/answer is wrong and here’s an itemized list why…..”

Matthew: “Complaining about the music, but, never having any suggestions or requests.”

Ryan: “My personal favorite… patrons bitching about the music and not even playing trivia! Got to love it.”

Brad: “Being convinced that teams are cheating even as the answers that they “looked up” are turned in with incorrect answers.”

Kristen: “Players who get too drunk and then stop listening to the questions..”

Tim: “Makes their team name something you really can’t say out loud.”

Bryan: “Using the highest point value every time..”

Marcus: “Requesting songs that take forever to find and then they end up being explicit.”

These are just a few of the things that we love about our players…

By investing in a well-structured franchise with low overhead costs, you are buying into a low-risk, high-reward system that is already designed to operate as efficiently as possible.

1. High Chance of Success

Buying a franchise is a great way for an entrepreneur to run their own business, and to start off fully equipped with all the prepared and provided tools for success. Buying a franchise is much safer than starting your own company from scratch, and is a much safer way to become your own boss. You will position yourself in the favor of success if you choose wisely and invest in a franchise that has a proven track record.

2. Brand Awareness & Marketing

Consumers are more likely to engage with brands that they are familiar with — this builds the trust factor and cultivates the relationship between the brand and the consumers. When you buy a franchise from a reputable brand, the franchisor has already set the tone for the corporate brand reputation. Your duty as a franchisee is to maintain an already established brand, rather than having to start from scratch and build up your own reputation.

3. Easier Financing Process

Since investing in a successful franchise model is a low-risk high-reward investment, lenders are much more comfortable loaning money for the purpose of franchising. It is much more difficult to obtain financing for your own entrepreneurial endeavors than for an entrepreneurial endeavor that consists of purchasing an already-successful franchise.

4. Training Is Provided!

When you buy a franchise, you can skip the tedious and very costly trial-and-error processes of starting your own company. The best franchisors provide a complete training program that shows you the ropes well before you launch your franchise — this makes sure that you are able to manage your franchise efficiently and without the typical new business beginner errors.

5. Built-In Support System

By investing in a franchise, you are buying into an entire support system — you become a part of the team. When you invest with a reputable brand, the franchisor will always have your back and be ready to provide support as needed. You will also be able to communicate and collaborate with other franchisees as well. You will have a whole network of like-minded individuals with the same goals and core values!

Looking to take the franchising leap (and to hit the ground running)? You might be interested in Trivia Nation, our premier trivia hosting company. Our players are cool, outgoing people who want to have fun — and so are our franchisees!

Lure in the customers on slow nights with some friendly competition that’ll keep them coming back for more. By creating a friendly atmosphere with weekly restaurant and bar game nights, you can create camaraderie amongst your customers, and suddenly your game nights develop into so much more. This friendly and upbeat culture turns everyone’s “regular Tuesday night” into “thriving Tuesday nights” at your location!

1. Drinking Games

Liven things up by putting together a fan favorite for competition — a Beer Pong or Flip Cup tournament, with prizes! Host a tournament once a week (on a slow night), or have an ongoing tournament that culminates in a major championship at the end of every month.

2. Live Trivia

What better way to amp up the vibe on a slow night than with some lively, well organized trivia. Trivia Nation shows are very interactive, involve cash prizes, and frequent theme nights that get customers excited and ready to eat, drink, and show off their trivia skills with friends and family.

3. Cornhole Championship

This is an excellent option if you have an outdoor area and if you are lucky enough to be in a location with warm weather. What better way to spend happy hour than with a drink in one hand and a cornhole bean bag in the other — may the best player win!

4. Darts

Darts are an easy and fun way to amp up the vibes at your location. Make it more enticing by awarding prizes on certain nights of the week (such as a free appetizer if you hit the bullseye 3 times within one minute!). Get creative with the prizes, or even relabel the targets with “prizes” instead of points.

5. Invest in Table Games

Table games are a tried and true way of bringing in customers who are looking for more than just a sit-down dining experience. Installing table games such as air hockey, foosball, ping pong, or pool can often bring in customers who are looking for an engaging and fun night with friends.

You know that guy who knows everything, argues with the host about facts, the one that is bitter they lost, claiming every winning team is cheating, you know.. that guy… No better way to kill our night other than being “That Guy” or “That Team”.

First off, no one has fun when you’re being that guy. You are the only one enjoying your dramatic demonstration of arguing wikipedia skills. You were wrong, it’s okay. You don’t need to go post on our wall, email, or text your second cousin twice removed in Oklahoma an angry text of your trivia companies “incompetence”. We mess up from time to time, if you wanted a computer there’s an app for that! Of course we would enjoy your company, weekly, but without the commentary.

Two, we don’t need every tidbit. You know that guy who lingers too long at the host’s stand, telling the host everything that happened in the same decade that the Wizard of Oz came out. Most of the time the guy isn’t even playing our game, “It wouldn’t be fair because I would win..” he says. .. So instead of preaching about the origin of Ronald Reagan’s middle name, go get a beer or at least bring the host one as you drunkenly preach about Bill Cosby’s rights.

Three, it’s all for fun. Just relax, your child’s life is not on the line. You will not need to hire Liam Neeson to find your ex wife and daughter for forgetting Patrick Swayze’s character name is Ghost. Sam Wheat, it’s Sam Wheat. The world will still continue to circulate on it’s titled 23.5 degree axis, we at Trivia Nation promise!

So put the phone away, come with a great attitude, keep in mind that sometimes we may mess up or get something wrong. When we do get a shot, relax and keep killing it! Anything, but just don’t be that guy!

*FYI – The word ‘man’ was originally gender neutral, meaning more or less the same as the modern day word “person”. It wasn’t until about a thousand years ago that the word ‘man’ started to refer to a male and it wasn’t until the late 20th century that it was almost exclusively used to refer to males. So, call us old school, but, ladies and gents please don’t be offended. Guy could be whoever; man, woman, transformer, wookie, seahorse, ect., the annoying player is all the same to us!

You may be looking to go out on your own and meet new people, go on a date, or spend time with an old group of friends. No matter what the reason is, bars with trivia night Orlando FL is sure to give you an entertaining night. The trick is to prepare yourself so that you can not only do well at trivia, but also have a very good time.

Go In With an Open Mind

The first thing that you have to do when you attend the Trivia Nation trivia night events we put on is to go in with an open mind. When you go into a trivia night and are taking things too seriously, you simply are not going to have fun. There is room for error here and you need to be able to go into things with an open mind so that you can genuinely have a good time.

Go into a trivia night with the idea of having fun. This type of attitude is going to allow you to enjoy some quality food and drinks, but also prepare you for a night of having a good time. When you are relaxed, you would be surprised at the little facts and such that you can pull out of your head.

Know The Theme

You also want to be aware of whatever topic that particular trivia night may cover. There are certain bars with trivia night in Orlando, FL that are going to feature certain themes. You may be going to a trivia night that is based around movies or perhaps based around the 90’s. This type of information is pivotal so that you can get in the mindset of what general area the answers are going to fall in. However, it never hurts to at least have a general awareness of the current events that are out there.

Have a Quality Team

The other way to perform well at bars with trivia night in Orlando, FL is go to with a quality team that is going to be well-balanced. When you have a team there that is all looking to have a good time, then you are going to really be able to unwind and work together in a positive fashion towards the common goal of victory.

Trivia Nation strives to put on the best events at bars with trivia night in Orlando, FL. The work that we put in is all about giving you an enjoyable experience. We want to give you a great night out that is stress-free and just purely fun. The next time that you are heading out for a trivia night in the Orlando area, prepare yourself with the tips above. It will help you unwind and have a great night out, while also giving you a quality chance at winning.

Whether you want to try and meet new people or simply get closer to the people that you already know, attending bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL is going to allow you to get out there and experience new things. You may visit a restaurant, a bar, but they all end up appearing the same. Attending bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL gives you an opportunity to really spice things up and put yourself out there in new social situations.

Whenever we branch out in terms of how we socialize with people and the events that we go to, it usually ends up being a positive for our lives overall. It is great to have a close knit group of friends, but it is never too late to meet new people or try to bring others into the fold. So why is it that attending one of our Trivia Nation trivia nights is so great for socialization?

Meet New People

Everyone wants to meet new people and when you go to bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL, that’s what you’ll experience. Visiting one of these bars is going to allow you to put yourself in a social situation where you are going to be surrounded by people who have come there alone, come with friends, and so on. Even if you did not have anyone that you could get to the trivia night event with, that does not mean you can’t go and find new friends.

Everyone at a trivia night is looking to get involved, hang out with a team of some kind and have some fun. Showing up at bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL can allow you the opportunity to join a team with people whom you may never have even met before and see if you have a connection of any kind.

Have A Good Time!

Enjoying yourself is what life is all about. When we laugh and smile, it means we are having a genuinely good time. At bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL, it is rare to find someone that’s not having a good time.

Getting Closer With Existing Friends

It may not be that you want to meet new people but actually get closer with the friends that you already have. Getting closer with existing friends means breaking out of your usual social patterns. When you are at bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL you have to communicate differently and doing so is going to bring out different social sides of people you may have never seen before.

Attending a Trivia Nation hosted trivia night is a great way to get out there and socialize in new ways. When you can break out of your comfort zone and meet new people or get closer to the friends you already have, it is going to only help you in the short and the long-run. Get out to the bars with trivia night in Jacksonville, FL and experience the fun you’ve been missing.

This is why restaurants do everything from trying to improve their menu, drink selections, decor, and so on. One of the best things that you can do for your restaurant though is to try to add to the entertainment value in the form of bringing on something such as trivia night.

What are the benefits to bringing a Jacksonville trivia night to your restaurant? You have to think about a few factors such as bringing in more customers, making every night busy, adding to the entertainment value, and so on. Every restaurant needs to have a competitive edge and something that brings guests in and keeps them there longer. That’s exactly what a trivia night hosted by Trivia Nation can do for you.

Bring in More Customers

When you add entertainment to any restaurant, you are automatically going to bring in more customers. The Jacksonville trivia night experience that we at Trivia Nation put on is going to make your restaurant that go-to spot. This is going to help you get new customers in the door. Once they are in, it’s up to you to wow them with food, drinks, and entertainment to get them back again.

Make Every Night a Busy Night

You want every single night to be a busy night at your restaurant. A Jacksonville trivia night can help a restaurant achieve just that. Every restaurant can be busy on a Saturday night, but it is the restaurants that are also busy on a Tuesday or a Wednesday that are really successful. Having us at Trivia Nation throw a Jacksonville trivia night bash at your restaurant can help make every night at your restaurant one that is full of customers and activity.

Add to the Entertainment Value

The more that you can add to the overall value that your customers get at your restaurant, the better off you are going to be. Entertainment value can really come from our trivia night events. A Jacksonville trivia night is going to bring a great deal of entertainment to your restaurant. It will help bring people together, laugh, compete, and everything in-between.

Give Your Restaurant a Competitive Edge

When you have a restaurant, you need to be able to give that restaurant every single chance of having a real competitive edge. This is why you should seek out things like a Jacksonville trivia night. Now is your opportunity to have your restaurant stand out from the pack.

A Jacksonville trivia night is going to bring a great deal of benefits to a restaurant. It is going to add entertainment value, keep more guests coming on a daily basis, and really give a restaurant that competitive edge that it so desperately needs. Trivia Nation is truly unique and is well known for Jacksonville trivia night in a fun, professional, and organized fashion. Get ready to be amazed at what it can bring to your restaurant.

Some companies certain do it better than others in terms of organizing team building activities, but it can be so hard to find something that everyone wants to do together. This is why so many companies are now starting to turn to the trivia nights that Trivia Nation puts on across Jacksonville and the rest of the state.

A Relaxed Setting

The setting of any corporate team building event is very important. When you have employees in a big conference room with suits on and you are asking them to take part in role playing team building exercises, things can get awkward really fast. You are not getting people in a relaxed setting where they can unwind and really get to know each other. A Jacksonville trivia night put on by Trivia Nation is going to create that relaxed setting by moving the corporate team building event to a restaurant or bar.

Quality Food and Drink

Quality food and drink is also very important as you need to give your employees the fuel necessary to really participate in the social event, which is what corporate team building is at its core. You are looking to get all of the employees to socialize and when you can feed them and give them a little liquid courage, you are going to be increasing your chances of getting some success out of the experience.

Getting People Working Together

The goal of any corporate team building event is and should be to get people working together. When everyone works together, you are going to find work gets done in a more efficient and effective fashion. Attending a trivia night with your team can help form this cohesiveness.

Making Everyone an Equal

Some people are afraid to participate fully in corporate team building because of the different levels. Managers may be unavailable or too busy during the day to partake. When everyone blocks their schedule to take part in a Jacksonville trivia night though, you are all there as equals. This can break down the walls of employees and management and get everyone working together.

Seeing People Outside of the Workplace

People simply act differently when you see them outside of the workplace. This is especially the case if you were to get people to partake in a Jacksonville trivia night. The more you can get your team outside of the conference rooms and cubicles during down, the more productive they’ll be while they’re in a work setting.

A Jacksonville trivia night is a great option for any corporate team building initiative. At Trivia Nation, we will be there to be sure everyone has a great time and leaves in a better state of mind to work together than they did prior.