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“That Guy”

May 5, 2016

Don’t be that guy…

You know that guy who knows everything, argues with the host about facts, the one that is bitter they lost, claiming every winning team is cheating, you know.. that guy… No better way to kill our night other than being “That Guy” or “That Team”.

First off, no one has fun when you’re being that guy. You are the only one enjoying your dramatic demonstration of arguing wikipedia skills. You were wrong, it’s okay. You don’t need to go post on our wall, email, or text your second cousin twice removed in Oklahoma an angry text of your trivia companies “incompetence”. We mess up from time to time, if you wanted a computer there’s an app for that! Of course we would enjoy your company, weekly, but without the commentary.

Two, we don’t need every tidbit. You know that guy who lingers too long at the host’s stand, telling the host everything that happened in the same decade that the Wizard of Oz came out. Most of the time the guy isn’t even playing our game, “It wouldn’t be fair because I would win..” he says. .. So instead of preaching about the origin of Ronald Reagan’s middle name, go get a beer or at least bring the host one as you drunkenly preach about Bill Cosby’s rights.

Three, it’s all for fun. Just relax, your child’s life is not on the line. You will not need to hire Liam Neeson to find your ex wife and daughter for forgetting Patrick Swayze’s character name is Ghost. Sam Wheat, it’s Sam Wheat. The world will still continue to circulate on it’s titled 23.5 degree axis, we at Trivia Nation promise!

So put the phone away, come with a great attitude, keep in mind that sometimes we may mess up or get something wrong. When we do get a shot, relax and keep killing it! Anything, but just don’t be that guy!

*FYI – The word ‘man’ was originally gender neutral, meaning more or less the same as the modern day word “person”. It wasn’t until about a thousand years ago that the word ‘man’ started to refer to a male and it wasn’t until the late 20th century that it was almost exclusively used to refer to males. So, call us old school, but, ladies and gents please don’t be offended. Guy could be whoever; man, woman, transformer, wookie, seahorse, ect., the annoying player is all the same to us!