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The 10 Most Common Trivia Questions

August 30, 2015

Trivia shows take place seven nights a week at restaurants and bars across the state of Florida.  This means that there are probably hundreds of trivia questions (maybe thousands) that are asked on any given night in these restaurants and bars in total. There are obviously going to be opportunities for there to be overlap and for there to be repeats. There simply are not that many trivia questions that you are going to be able to come up with that will allow for every single question that is ever going to be said in a trivia game to be completely unique. Are some more common than others though? If so, how do you know which are the most common?

There are ten trivia questions that are said to be the most common. Preparation is one of the big things that can help give you a leg up over the competition during any trivia show hosted by Trivia Nation. The more knowledge you have, the better the chances that you are going to be able to help your team take home the prize. What are these ten trivia questions that are so common though? Let’s take a look at the ten most common trivia questions you should know going into any trivia show.

The Groundhog Day Question

The first question is in the USA, what is celebrated on February 2 and is also a film? This question should immediately trigger you to go to Groundhog Day which starred Bill Murray.


This is an acronym that you are probably going to want to be aware of when you are going to a trivia night. This is going to relate to a profession that uses the acronym. The profession that uses SOCO is none other than the Police Work Scene of Crime Officers.

National Anthem

So what is the official national anthem of the United States of America? Seems like an easy question right? Many people get this one wrong. The answer is none other than the Star Spangled Banner.

El Nino

El Nino is a term you probably hear pretty often related to weather. The question is going to be which weather phenomenon translates from Spanish for little boy. The answer here is none other than Nino.


Knowing the names of castles and their locations is also going to help. A common one is which castle is on the island of Anglesey? The answer is Beaumaria.


A great movie and also the answer to a very common trivia question. The question is which North African seaport is the name in Spanish for the white house? This is none other than Casablanca.  


You use a keyboard every single day. Did you know there is a common trivia question related to it? Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters?  The answer is A. This is one of those questions that makes a lot of sense when you get the answer, but can throw you off at first.

Coffee Time

What is the most popular drink in the world that does not have alcohol? You may think it is water or soda, but you could not be farther from the truth. The answer to this common trivia question is coffee.


Globe and Jerusalem are types of what? The answer to this very common trivia question is Artichoke.

European Union Flag

The flag questions are also pretty common in terms of which types of flags go with which country, what are the characteristics of these flags, and so on. With the European Union flag, how many stars are on it? This may seem like a common question but it is pretty easy to get wrong. There are 12 stars on the European Union flag.
So there you have it … the most common trivia show questions that you are going to see.  There are certainly hundreds more that you can consider to be pretty common. It is going to depend largely on who you have for a host on that trivia show night and where the questions fall from a rotational perspective. Understanding and knowing the answers to the most common trivia show questions though will help you have a much better chance of winning.