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Why Trivia Night is Perfect for a Company Outing

August 18, 2015

Planning and running a company outing can be highly stressful. When you are planning out a company outing, you have to think about so many different types of people, different personalities that are going to be there, and so on. All of these personalities and egos are going to be thrown together in one location and are going to be expected to get along in a social environment. This is far different than talking to each other in cubicles or offices. When you are planning a company outing, you need events that are going to bring people together and unite them over a common cause.

One of the best things that you can do for your company outing is to plan a trivia night event.  These professional events, such as those run by Trivia Nation, are going to deliver an event at your company outing that is going to really accomplish several different things. The trivia night event is going to work to bring people together, help break the ice between professional peers, and give your company outing something to remember it by.

Bringing Professionals Together

We always hear about team building exercises and such in professional environments. Teams of professionals will go off-site for days at a time to try and work together in a variety of tasks.  This is all with the goal of trying to build team-spirit and get people to work together for a common goal. A company outing may not seem like the perfect place for this type of team building exercise, but when you have the right event it really can work.

Trivia night is all about bringing people together in an entertaining environment. They can bring professionals together by allowing them to work towards figuring out questions, competing in a friendly and enjoyable environment, all while enjoying each other’s company. This is what trivia night is all about – fun, entertainment, and bringing people together.

Breaking the Ice at the Company Outing

It can be very difficult to break the ice at any company outing.  People are very prone to talk about nothing more than work and that’s it. This can make the outing become very boring very quickly. You need to be able to branch out beyond the typical work environment and talk about things other than that. This allows people to build true relationships outside of the workplace.  Trivia night is a great way to allow the ice to be broken to get people talking about something other than work.

When you have people working together at a company outing they are going to be working to try and figure out the trivia night questions. They’ll have to be quick on their feet and respond in ways that may not be the most professional. This allows the human side of people to come out, their true self, and this is where a company outing can really become a good time.  

Make Your Employees Feel Comfortable

Comfort should be the ultimate goal of any company outing.  The whole idea of planning and running the outing is to give your employees a day out of the office. It is a chance to say thank you to them for all of the hard work that they have put in and it is a chance for them to all spend some time together outside of work. You want your employees to feel comfortable so that they can get the most out of this experience as possible. With a trivia night event, it is not hard at all to allow your employees to gain this level of comfort. These events are fun, exciting and are going to allow people to take down their walls and have a comfortable and relaxing experience at the outing.  

Trivia night truly is the perfect match for any company outing.  A trivia night in the Jacksonville, FL area is going to allow you and your employees to kick back, relax, and take part in a fun and entertaining game that will bring people together. This will help with team building, help break the ice between employees, and allow them to be comfortable enough at the outing where they will truly remember it in a positive way.